About us

The Help Net Support and Inclusion Center is a voluntary and non-profit association of citizens, founded in 2015 to initiate new and supporting existing processes of improving the care of children, young people, and the elderly, investing efforts in the sphere of social protection and population policy in the Republic of Serbia. through the prism of social innovations.

Dealing with social challenges, Help Net includes the local community and professional public in its work at the highest level through the engagement of all sectors, promoting the values ​​of social cohesion and public-private partnership.

  • Help Net has a license to provide the social protection service Help at Home for the elderly. The license was issued by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, number 700;
  • Help Net is the copyright holder of the accredited integral training program “Training Program for Gerontohomemakers/Gerontohomemakers for the Provision of Home Help Services for the Elderly and disabled”.

Today, Help Net is an important factor in reform processes in Serbia through its 4 programs: children and youth, seniors, demographic challenges, and population policy and social innovations.

Help Net is also a member of the “HUMANAS” network humanitarian organizations and citizens’ associations that deal with the issues of the elderly, which was created at the initiative of the Serbian Red Cross.

The “Humans” network was created in May 2004, and the members of the network are 15 organizations that have signed a cooperation agreement: the Red Cross of Serbia, the Gerontological Society of Serbia, Caritas, DFSPC Philanthropy, Amity, Viktorija, Lastavica, Society for the Care of the Elderly, National Foundation for Humane Old Age, University for the Third Age, Circle of Serbian Sisters, Bread of Life, Union of Pensioners, Moka I Rosa.


The Help Net team is made up of people from different professions, experiences, and expertise, but who share common values. People with diverse professional experience, from different fields, gathered with one goal – to create equal opportunities for all citizens of the Republic of Serbia and contribute to the development of the community in which we all live. The Help Net team is growing and becoming more and more well-known both in the country and abroad due to the successful projects it implements. Through numerous projects and initiatives, the organization is growing, which is a direct consequence of the success of the Help Net team and its reputation.