Since the very foundation of the center, the skilled and experienced Help Net team has been working on networking at all levels. Networking is the primary way to achieve the organization’s goals, thus cooperation with a large number of governmental and non- governmental organizations, institutions at the local and state level, as well as international organizations. One of the primary challenges and tasks of the Help Net Center.

Our work and activities have been recognized by many international and domestic organizations, ministries, and institutions such as the German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, Council of Europe, HEKS/EPER, UN Women International Visegrad Fund, Government of the Republic of Serbia – SIPRU, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Cabinet of the Minister without portfolio in charge of demography and population policy, Red Cross of Serbia, Municipality of Zvečan, Municipality of Raška, Caritas Šabac, Open Society Foundation, and others. With these and other organizations and institutions, our professional team achieved successful cooperation on many projects, and we are proud that they recognized our dedication and work.

Help Net also provided technical assistance to UNICEF and the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans, and Social Affairs in developing the National Strategy for the Prevention and Protection of Children from Violence, and together we implemented more than 20 projects in this area. Proposing and implementing sustainable solutions on this, and many other projects we have worked on in recent years, demonstrate our capacity in crossing programs and projects, to achieve the common goals of Help Net and the association’s partners.

We nurture and develop our goals through numerous projects in four basic categories: Children and youth, Seniors, Demographic and population policy, and Social innovations. We are proud that we have developed long-term relationships and cooperation with our partners since our founding and were part of more than 30 successful projects.


Help Net considers children as young fellow citizens and a social resource, offers them the opportunity to have fun and learn, and advocates that they be provided with the rights that belong to them according to laws and international conventions. We inform young people, ask their opinion, involve them in topics of importance and learn from them, encouraging their full potential.


Guided by the belief that everyone has the right to a dignified life even when they enter the third age, we established a program for seniors in order to focus on their needs through special projects and activities. As a licensed social care service provider, we wanted our network to help, support and facilitate the daily life of our users, with a full understanding of their needs and habits.


Within this program, we deal with issues of reproductive health, family planning, social inclusion, internally displaced persons, domestic violence, balancing work and parenthood, gender equality, work with women and their empowerment, etc. Our goal is to bring together experts from different fields and help solve horizontal or cross-cutting topics, which are often unpopular and require extensive and lengthy consultative processes.


Our organization deals with social innovations as a program and principle of work, which aim to solve problems that have existed for a long time, using new and innovative approaches. We are also dedicated to research and analysis of the impact of technological innovations and changes on society, in order to prevent abuses and ensure the maintenance of social and economic balance.