Social innovations

Social innovations are one of our programs as well as the principle of work. We act with the awareness that problems that have existed for decades require new approaches on the way to solutions.

Technological innovations bring new challenges for individuals and families, new opportunities, and also risks. That is why we think it is important to deal with the impact of digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution on society in Serbia, along with existing inherited problems.

It is necessary to consider all potential impacts of technological changes and to make decisions that will help maintain social and economic balance. This means providing individuals and families with appropriate education and support in adapting to new technologies and preventing misuse of technology.

This program is a kind of experimental laboratory for designing social solutions, researching and testing new strategic approaches in social protection and population policy, as well as new methods of working with children, young people, and the elderly. Social innovations are not just a trend because the work of our organization is result-oriented and has a measurable impact on the quality of life of citizens.

Within this program, we are particularly developing an approach to intergenerational cooperation, and in this sense, we are implementing various activities aimed at improving intergenerational solidarity and responsibility, both at the national and regional levels. Help Net has also created a special website “Intergenerational Solidarity” which is dedicated to promoting and sharing trends in this area.