Demographic challenges and population policy

Reproductive health, family planning, generational poverty, social inclusion, internally displaced persons, reintegration, rural and urban problems of citizens, gender equality, domestic violence, balancing work and parenthood, work with women and their empowerment, holistic approaches to child and youth care, are just some of the topics that are treated in the program of demographic challenges and population policy. Our mission is to gather experts from different fields through our projects and to jointly come up with proposals and ideal solutions for all important topics in the fields we deal with.

Horizontal or cross-cutting topics (cross-sector, cross-cut topics) are very often not highlighted as primary, and dealing with them requires extensive and long-term consultative processes. They are not dealt with by a specific sector, but the association of experts from many fields is necessary.

Shifts are often barely visible, and that is why Help Net has established a program for demographic challenges and population policy, identifying this area as a challenging topic in need of helping hands.

The importance of working on these topics, as well as monitoring the development of technologies and the impact of technologies on almost all aspects of people’s lives are only part of our projects from this segment, together with successful family planning, work, and parenting reconciliation, and research in the segment of gender roles and socially acceptable patterns.