Center for support and inclusion Help net organized four debates within the project “Empowering intergenerational connections”

At the end of April (April 27-28), debates were held within the project “Strengthening intergenerational ties”.. The participants in the debates were representatives of different generations – young, elderly and middle generation – the oldest participant was 72 years old, while the youngest participant was 16 years old. Two-day debates were held on the following topics: Artificial intelligence; Media and its influence on intergenerational solidarity; Education and Working Environment and Employment. . The conversations were extremely meaningful, considering different perspectives on the mentioned topics, interesting conclusions and proposals were reached in order to improve the situation in certain areas.

The conclusions, together with the conclusions from the debates held by the partner organizations on the project – TRIANON,TRITIA and the Center for Social Work Horelicawill be presented in a brochure that will be an integral part of the project. The brochure will be a kind of review of comparative analysis – similarities and differences in attitudes and beliefs between representatives of different generations from different countries will be presented.