Support to Priority Actions for Gender Equality in Serbia

Help Net has had a consultative role in the project – providing support and advice the Ministry of European Integration and the IPA units of the line ministries to gender mainstream the Action Documents for IPA 2021/2022 programming cycle within which conducts UN Women in Serbia.

Tasks within the project are:

  • Review the draft annual action documents for IPA 2021/2022 developed for specific sectors (human resource development, rule of law, competitiveness, environment, transport, rural development, energy) from a gender perspective and provide specific written inputs and recommendations on how to include a gender perspective in the Action Documents objectives, results, and indicators;
  • Develop gender annexes accompanying the sector annual IPA 2021/2022 action documents that include gender-specific strategic information, data, recommendations and practical steps to include a gender perspective in the implementation of planned activities.

Time duration: 21 December 2020 – 26 February 2021

Source of finding: UN Women in Serbia