The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.


Demographic aging has an important and far-reaching impact on all aspects of society development, which is why is important to cultivate intergenerational solidarity that refers to a complex, specific system of relations between persons of different generations within the family and in the whole society. A major obstacle to development of intergenerational solidarity is the negative attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices that exist between generations, which primarily lead to discrimination against the elderly. Because of these stereotypes, society is often deprived of positive effects of intergenerational solidarity, for young and elderly, as well as the middle generation, together enable positive changes in society and create social cohesion. Solidarity among generations is crucial for democratic society.

Guided by the attitude that art can be a bridge between generations, Center for Support and Inclusion Help net takes an innovative approach in encouraging intergenerational activities, through artistic expression. Through project „Strengthening intergenerational solidarity“ supported by Visegrad Fund we tend to bring generations closer by using the creative potential of new media and film art. The project goal is to contribute to social cohesion by changing relations between generations, improving their mutual cooperation and understanding, as well as straightening their digital competencies, and collect data on creative media impact on intergenerational solidarity.

Elderly and young have a chance to jointly explore wide range of creative and artistic possibilities offered by modern digital world. More than 100 people of different generations from  Serbia, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic will be trained on how to use their smart phones for film creation. The best videos they made will be used in production of a short film aimed to break prejudice on ages and aging founded in a patriarchal system of values, to point out their negative impact on interpersonal relationships and democratic society, to deny most common stereotypes about young and seniors.

In the frame of this project comprehensive media “Campaign for intergenerational solidarity” will also be conducted to contribute to raising awareness of importance of intergenerational solidarity and social cohesion based on understanding, exchanging experiences and knowledge between generations, mutual interests and sharing responsibilities.

Data collected on this project, its conclusions and recommendations well serve to all participating states as a basis for development of relevant policies in the area, national strategies and action programs, to be used as proven mechanism for improvement of intergenerational dialogue and example of good practice for intergenerational solidarity promotion. 

The project partners have been chosen on the basis of their long and valuable experience in protection of human rights, especially rights of venerable groups, promoting equality, social care and social cohesion. The project is implemented in partnership with Red Cross of Serbia, European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation TRITIA from Poland, Center of social services Horelica from Slovakia, and TRIANON, z.s from Czech Republic.